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Our luscious 2015 Sonoma County Port paired with our favorite local artisan Volo Chocolate is a chocolate-lover’s dream come true. This luxurious combination is a popular seller year after year.

Gift Set Includes:

750ml 2015 Sonoma County Port
Volo - 73% Deep Dark Chocolate Bar

2015 Sonoma County Port

Enjoyable as an after dinner wine with dessert or paired with cheese, nuts and chocolates, this rich tasting, Ruby-style Port steals the show with layered flavors and aromas of fig, plum compote, toffee, toasted almonds and vanilla along with a luxurious, luscious finish.

Volo - Deep Dark Chocolate

"This is our purest, darkest Chocolate. Its creamy texture has a balanced flavor that is rich, not bitter with notes of dark caramel, fudge + dried cherry. We use Cacao (cocoa beans) from the mountainous, tropical regions of Guatemala, which are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavors. It is then refined with a pinch of Sea Salt, Organic Cane Juice and molded into 2.5 ounce/72 gram bars.

Vintage 2015
Wine Style Port
Varietal Port
Aging 20 Months
Barrel Aging 20 Months 100% Neutral Fench Oak
Bottling Date July 2017
Alcohol % 20%
Size Gift Pack
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$75.00 per Case