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Port, Sonoma County (2015)
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Port, Sonoma County (2015)

Port, Sonoma County (2015)

Enjoyable as an after dinner wine with dessert or paired with cheese, nuts and chocolates, this rich tasting, Ruby-style Port steals the show with layered flavors and aromas of fig, plum compote, toffee, toasted almonds and vanilla along with a luxurious, luscious finish.

A combination of deeply flavored red varietals provides the backbone of this old-world styled Port. The Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon fruit came from our Certified Sustainable Wild Oak Vineyard in the heart of Sonoma Valley. We also included Mixed Blacks from a historic Sonoma Valley old-vine vineyard.
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Vintage: 2015
Barrel Aging:
20 Months
100% Neutral French Oak
Bottling Date: July 2017
Alcohol %: 20
2015 brought an early and light harvest that began on August 10, the earliest date in St. Francis’ history. The year started out very warm and dry but then cool, damp weather in May hampered fruit set. Though the result was smaller, looser clusters on the vine, the warm and consistent summer that followed produced high quality fruit with exceptional aromatics and concentrated flavors.

We push the hang-time on grapes destined for our Port and harvest the grapes at 27 - 28 brix to assure full-flavor and sweetness. After picking, all of the varietals are placed in one tank in our Artisan winery. We inoculate with yeast immediately and let the fermentation
begin. During this time our crew stays on-call 24 hours a day, checking the sugar level every hour until it hits the designated target. When it reaches the right level, we add 120 proof Brandy to halt fermentation. The Port is then immediately put into neutral French oak barrels for aging 20 months before bottling.
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